The Wuhan University International Summer Program receives university students from many
parts of the world and provides those interested in Chinese culture an opportunity to have a
direct contact with China.

The first International Summer Program occurred in June of 2006 and the second was held in
June and July of 2007. Participants resided on campus, attending lectures on Chinese culture,
history, economy and geography, as well as enjoying a number of field trips to points of interest
in and around Wuhan.

This program offers an opportunity for greater integration and cooperation between
westerners, including Brazilians, and their Chinese counterparts, through a more direct contact
between cultures.
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2006 Program

Monday, June 19
Arrival in Wuhan , Registration, Checking in at the hotel

Tuesday, June 20
Morning Opening ceremony, Campus tour

Afternoon Visiting the historic Yellow Crane Tower

Evening Welcome reception (dinner & Karaoke party)

Wednesday, June 21
Morning Lecture on Ancient Chinese History

Afternoon Lecture on Modern Chinese History

Thursday, June 22
Morning Lecture on Chinese Economy

Afternoon Lecture on A General Survey of Wuhan ’s Economy

Friday, June 23
Morning Visiting East Lake Hi-Tech Development Zone

Visiting Wuhan Optical Valley of China

Afternoon Visiting Wuhan Economic Development Zone

(Visiting corporations such as DONGFENG PEUGEOT CITROEN
Automobile Company)

Saturday, June 24
Morning Lecture on Chinese Geography

Afternoon Lecture on A General Survey of Hubei and Wuhan

Sunday, June 25
Morning Visiting Guiyuan Buddhist Temple in Han yang District

Afternoon Visiting the Provincial Museum & East Lake Scenic Area

Monday, June 26
Morning Lecture on Chinese Legal System

Afternoon Lecture on Foreign Investment Laws in China

Tuesday, June 27
Morning Lecture on Chinese Culture

Afternoon Lecture on Chinese Calligraphy

Wednesday, June 28
Morning Lecture on Chinese Educational System

Afternoon Seminar on Higher Education in the 21 stCentury

Thursday, June 29
Morning Lecture on Chinese Folklore & Learning a Chinese Song

Afternoon Field trip to the suburb of Wuhan

Friday, June 30- Sunday, July 2
Visiting the ancient city of Jing-zhou

A Tour to Three Gorges Resort of the Yangtze River

Monday, July 3
Morning Commencement Ceremony

Awarding certificates and credits

Afternoon Free time (free activities accompanied by Chinese students)

Evening Farewell dinner and gala performances
Closing Ceremony of the “Wuhan University 2006 International Summer Program"
Certificate of Completion
Statistics of the 2006 program

70 students

31 universities

14 countries
Wuhan University Summer Program