Acupuncture Center; Medical Qigong Center; SBAEC

4-star hotels, except 2 nights in the Medical Qigong
Center’s dormitory
Class Hours:
Medical Qigong Center:
17.5 hours (theoretical and
practical classes & cultural activities)
Acupuncture Center: 35 hours (theoretical and practical
TOTAL: 52.5 class hours

1. Use of lab coat is mandatory during the clinical classes at the
2. Participants may not apply TCM techniques during the clinical
classes at the hospitals/clinics.
October 15 to November 6, 2011
20 days in China: Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Luoyang, Dengfeng, Beijing
The TCM class program is divided into 2 parts:
1. Theoretical and practical classes at the Medical Qigong Center in Beijing, a renowned center approved by
the Chinese government.
2. Theoretical and practical classes at the Acupuncture Center in Beijing, an institution affiliated with 18
hospitals and supported/administrated by the World Health Organization, the China State Administration of
Traditional Chinese Medicine and the Acupuncture Institute of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences.
Oct. 17: Shanghai (avg. temp.: 22 degrees Celsius)
    Originally, Shanghai was a seaside fishing village and, in time, its development led to
    it being granted county status. Shanghai is a multi-cultural metropolis with both
    modern and traditional Chinese features. Known as "the Paris of the Orient," Shanghai
    is a shopper's paradise.
Arrival at Beijing International Airport, reception and transfer to hotel / Rest /
Orientation and Travel Tips / Visit Xin Tian Di
    Xin Tian Di has become a famous cultural and historic area of Shanghai. It is a
    pedestrian street lined with renovated "Shikumen" style traditional buildings. Xin Tian
    Di includes art galleries, cafés, bars, shops and thematic restaurants.

Oct. 18: Shanghai (B)
Visit the modern Pudong district / Stroll along the Bund / VIsit Shanghai Museum /
Visit the Yuyuan Bazaar (shopping)
    The Bund is an exposition of classic European architecture and, up until 1949, was
    considered the Wall Street of China. Its Deco, Neo-Greek and Renaissance style
    buildings were the headquarters of the major foreign banks and firms. The Bund is
    considered to be the most famous symbol of Shanghai.

Oct. 19: Shanghai-Zhengzhou (B) (avg. temp.: 22 degrees Celsius)
Shopping on Nanjing Road, Asia's #1 shopping street / Transfer to airport, fly to
Zhengzhou / Check-in to hotel

Oct. 20: Zhengzhou-Dengfeng (B) (avg. temp.: 22 degrees Celsius)
Visit Henan Provincial Museum / Take bus to Dengfeng (2 hrs) / Check-in at hotel
/ Attend "Zen Shaolin" extravaganza, with a cast of over 500, performed on a
stage at the foot of Songshan mountain, combines the rapid movements of
kungfu and the quietude of Zen meditation, uniting martial arts, dance and
Chinese folkloric music.

           Click here to watch a brief presentation

Oct. 21: Dengfeng (B, L) (avg. temp.: 22 degrees Celsius)
Visit Shaolin Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site), established in 495 AD, the
birthplace of Shaolin Kungfu and Zen Buddhism /  Visit the Shaolin Temple
Pagoda Forest (UNESCO World Heritage Site) with 241 pagodas, constructed
between 689 and 1820, the greatest concentration of pagodas in China / Visit the
Dengfeng Observatory (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the oldest and best
preserved observatory in China, as well as being the oldest astronomical
construction in the

Oct. 22: Dengfeng-Luoyang (B, L)
Visit Zhong Yue Taoist Temple (UNESCO World Heritage Site), the largest and
best preserved Taoist temple in China / Visit the Songyang Academy of Classical
Learning, one of the 4 leading-edge academies of classical studies during the
Song Dynasty (960-1279) / Go to Luoyang by bus (1.5 hrs) / Check in to hotel

Oct. 23: Luoyang-Beijing (Medical Qigong Center) (B)
Visit the White Horse Temple, the site of the birth of Buddhism in China / Visit the
Royal Horse and Chariot Museum, which preserves the sacrificial pits holding
giant horses and chariots from the Western Zhou Dynasty (770-256 BC) in their
original location / Visit the Longmen Grottoes (UNESCO World Heritage Site), with
tens of thousands of statues of Buddha and his disciples sculpted over a period
of 1500 years, being one of the 3 most noteworthy Buddhist grottoes in China /
Transfer to Beijing by Pullman train

Oct. 24: Beijing (Medical Qigong Center) (B, L, D)
(avg. temp.: 15 degrees Celsius)
Arrive in Beijing and transfer to Medical Qigong Center / Check in / Application of  
Qigong Tuina Massage & Reflexology by the center's specialists on the
participants of the group / Welcome lunch, with a traditional music presentation /
Opening ceremony with Kungfu, Qigong and traditional music presentation /
Lecture: "The History and Theories of Chinese Qigong" / After lunch, Qigong
Health Technique Training & Buddhist Meditation / Qigong Tuina practical class
with application on some of the participants / Taoist Qigong Calligraphy
presentation / Traditional Taoist good luck ceremony

Oct. 25: Beijing (Medical Qigong Center) (B, L, D)
Qigong training & meditation / Lecture: "Treatments using Medical Qigong
Techniques / After lunch, practical class in Qigong Tuina, with application on
some of the participants / Application of Traditional Tibetan Qigong by specialists
on some of the participants / Taoist Tea Ceremony / Closing Ceremony /
Farewell Dinner of Peking Duck / Transfer to hotel in the center of Beijing

Oct. 26: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center / Visit TCM product store

The following are some of the topics addressed in the theoretical and practical
TCM classes: Cosmetological Acupuncture (wrinkles, lifting, etc.) / Obesity /
Diabetes / Gynecological Problems / Allergies / Emotional Imbalances
(depression, anxiety) / Insomnia / Electroacupuncture / Tuina Techniques / Hand
Diagnosis / "Single Needle" Technique

Oct. 27: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center

Oct. 28: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center

Oct. 29: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center

Oct. 30: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center

Oct. 31: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center

Nov. 01: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center

Nov. 02: Beijing (B)
Classes at the Acupuncture Center

Nov. 03: Beijing (B, L)
Visit the Great Wall (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
    The Great Wall, an impressive military architectural structure of Imperial China, was
    built by different dynasties over a period of 2 millenniums.
Visit Tiananmen Square, the largest public square in the world, and the
Forbidden City (UNESCO World Heritage Site), where the movie
The Last
was filmed.
    The Forbidden City, with 9,999 rooms, was the residence of 24 emperors over 5
    centuries, from the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) to the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

Nov. 04: Beijing (B)
Day free

Nov. 05: Beijing (B)
Airport transfer and departure from China
B = Breakfast; L = Lunch; D = Dinner
Beijing, China
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This year’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Study Trip to China, in partnership with ATTA – Association of Traditional
Therapies: Acupuncture, in São Paulo
, had a strong connection with the philosophical and energetic foundations of
TCM. As well as acupuncture techniques, the program included visits to
Shaolin Temple, the birthplace of Zen
Buddhism and martial arts in China
, and an immersion in a Medical Qigong Center, run by one of the 10 most
famous doctors in China, who headed the medical team of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Contact: Simone de La Tour / Kevin de La Tour
These 20 days in China will provide singular opportunities and experiences, with a personalized program
imparting a variety of benefits, such as:
1. Enhancement of TCM techniques at the Acupuncture Center and Medical Qigong Center in Beijing.
2. Increased professional prestige with certificates of completion from courses taken in China.
3. Purchase of TCM equipment and supplies for a fraction of their retail price outside of China.
4. Acquisition of new perspectives, effectively broadening one’s view of the world and oneself.
5. Visit not only Beijing, but four other cities as well: Shanghai, Zhengzhou, Dengfeng and Luoyang.
6. Experience TCM at its source, as well as the millenary Chinese culture, with specialized guides in every city.
7. Enjoy martial arts presentations from the world renowned Shaolin Temple.
8. Make new friends.
9. Enjoy full-time support from trip organizers Kevin and Simone de La Tour, with over 11 years in China.
Dengfeng Observatory
ATTA -  Association of Traditional Therapies: Acupuncture
3rd Traditional Chinese Medicine Study Trip, China
This program has been prepared with health professionals, such as doctors, teachers, students and
practitioners of TCM, in mind. Those who are not active in this area and wish to participate in this
program may do so in the capacity of observers, in order to maintain the classroom information at a
level that is commensurate with the target audience.
Sample of certificate of completion of course provided
by the  Acupuncture Center