We are pleased to announce that SBAEC, in partnership with the Invisible College of Cosmoethics, held the 2nd
Symposium on Sinology & 7th Immersion in Cosmoethics.

This event occured in China from October 23 to November 8, 2007. The program included 17 days in 6 cities (Beijing,
Jinan, Qufu, Wuhan, Shanghai and Xitang).

The academic program included lectures on Chinese culture and philosophy at 3 universities: Qufu Normal University
(Qufu city, Shandong province), Shandong University (Jinan city, Shandong province) and Wuhan University (Wuhan
city, Hubei province).

The touristic-cultural field trips occurred mainly in Beijing, Qufu, Shanghai and Xitang.
10/21, Sunday
Departure from São Paulo to Beijing

10/22, Monday
In transit

10/23, Tuesday – Beijing
Arrival in Beijing at 6:00
Check-in at Friendship Hotel (4*)
General orientation on the program and China travel tips (SBAEC)
Lunch: “Peking Duck”
Visit Culture Street and Foreign Language Bookstore at Wangfujing
Dinner with musical performance at Tibetan restaurant

10/24, Wednesday – Beijing
Visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City, including expositions on imperial rites and imperial weddings (Qianqing
Gong and Huangji Hall)
Lunch, dumplings
Capital Museum
Dinner at Tex-Mex restaurant
Peking Opera (optional)

10/25, Thursday – Beijing
Visit Olympic Venues (Bird Nest e Water Cube)
Visit Great Wall
Lunch at “The Commune by the Great Wall,” cutting-edge architecture nestled in a natural surrounding
Visit Summer Palace, including boat cruise on Kunming Lake
Dinner at restaurant providing Zhejiang/Jiangsu cuisine

10/26, Friday - Beijing
Visit Temple of Heaven, including the Divine Music Administration Museum with demonstration of ancient Chinese
Visit Drum Tower and walking tour of Houhai area  
Dinner at Tex-Mex Grill

10/27, Saturday – Beijing-Jinan-Qufu
Fly to Jinan in the morning (depart 9:40 arrive at 10:30)
Go to Qufu (2.5 hours by bus)
Lunch at Tai’an city (on the way to Qufu)
Check-in at Queli Hotel (4*)
Orientation on the program in Qufu (SBAEC)
Walking tour of Qufu City
Dinner at Queli Hotel
Show: “Confucius’ Dream,” at the Apricot Altar Theatre

10/28, Sunday - Qufu
Confucius Temple, Confucius Mansion, with on-site discussions
Lunch at Queli Hotel
Six Arts City, Confucius Cemetery
Dinner at Queli Hotel

10/29, Monday – Qufu-Jinan
Confucius Research Center
Lunch at Queli Hotel
Confucius’ cave
Departure to Jinan (2.5 hours by bus)
Dinner in Jinan (The Kiwi Corner - SBAEC)
Check-in at Shandong University Hotel

10/30, Tuesday – Jinan
9:00-12:00: Lecture “An Outline of the Origin and Development of the I Ching,” Liu Dajun, Ph.D. (SBAEC)
Lunch at Shandong University (SBAEC)
15:30-18:30: Lecture, “The Influence of the I Ching on Confucianism, Daoism and Buddhism,” Lin Zhongjun, Ph.D.
Dinner (The Kiwi Corner - SBAEC)

10/31, Wednesday – Jinan
9:00-12:00: Lecture, “The Influence of the I Ching on Traditional Sciences (Astronomy and the Lunar Calendar),” Li
Shangxin, Ph.D.   (SBAEC)
Lunch at Shandong University (SBAEC)
14:00-17:00: Lecture, “The Doctrine of the Mean and Confucian Metaphysics: The Zisi-Mencius School,” Wang
Xinchun, Ph.D. (SBAEC)
17:15-19:15: Lecture, “The Cosmovision of Cosmoethics,” Cristina Arakaki and Roberto Almeida  (SBAEC)
Dinner at Shandong University (SBAEC)

11/1, Thursday - Jinan-Wuhan
9:00-11:00: Concluding group discussion on the above themes, with Kevin and Simone de La Tour (SBAEC)
Lunch on campus
Fly to Wuhan (departure 14:40, arrival 16:10)
Wuhan city tour
Dinner by in a restaurant by the West Lake
Check-in at Wuhan University hotel (SBAEC)

11/2, Friday - Wuhan
9:00-11:00: Lecture, “Ideology in China Today,” He Ping, Ph.D. (SBAEC)
11:00-12:30: Group photo and campus tour (SBAEC)
Lunch at Wuhan University (SBAEC)
14:30-16:30: Lecture, “Development of the Chinese Legal System in the 20th Century,” Qin Tianbao, Ph.D. (SBAEC)
16:45-18:45: Lecture, “Daoism and the Dao de Qing (Laozi),” Ding Sixing, Ph.D. (SBAEC)
Dinner at Wuhan University (SBAEC)

11/3, Saturday - Wuhan
9:30-11:30: Lecture, “Ethics and the Humanities,” Sun Junheng, Ph.D., at Wuhan University of Science and
Technology (SBAEC)
Lunch at Wuhan University of Science and Technology campus or in Wuhan(SBAEC)
Return to Wuhan University
14:30-16:30: Lecture, “New Confucianism and Xiong Shi-li Thought,” Guo Qiyong, Ph.D. (SBAEC)
16:45-18:45: Lecture, “Traditional Chinese Physiology and Psychology, a Metaphysical Approach,” Shi Ling, Ph.D.
18:45-19:00: Closing ceremony, presentation of certificate of completion and official event photo (SBAEC)
Dinner at Wuhan University (SBAEC)
20:30-21:30: Group discussion on cosmoethics and the current and future situation of China. (SBAEC)

11/4, Sunday – Wuhan-Xinzhou-Wuhan
9:00: Go to Xinzhou (1.5 hours by bus)
Presentation on the historical significance of Xinzhou, Li Senlin (SBAEC)
Lunch (SBAEC)
Visit tourist sites in Xinzhou (SBAEC)
Return to Wuhan
Dinner in Wuhan by the Riverside Park
Visit Yangtze Riverside Park

11/5, Monday – Wuhan-Shanghai
Hubei Provincial Museum, including musical performance
Lunch in Wuhan
Visit Yellow Crane Tower
Fly to Shanghai (departure at 18:40, arrival at 20:00)
Check in at Downtown Holiday Inn (4*)

11/6, Tuesday – Shanghai-Xitang-Shanghai
Excursion to the famous Xitang Water Town (2 hours by bus), with lunch in a local restaurant
Dinner in Shanghai

11/7, Wednesday – Shanghai-Beijing
Stroll along the Bund
Visit Shanghai Museum
Nanjing Road
Departure for Brazil via Beijing (departure at 18:55)

11/8, Thursday - Beijing-São Paulo
Beijing to São Paulo (departure at 1:00)
Arrival in SP at 17:00
01. Adriana Lacerda Rocha, Foz
02. Adriana Teixeira Ventura, FL
03. Ana Márcia Abrão, SP
04. Ana Maria dos Remédios, Foz
05. Ana Maria da Silva Rocha
06. Ana Rita Bonfanti, RG Sul
07. Anibal Bentes, Salvador
08. Augusto Francisco dos Santos, POA
09. Clarice Ferté, RJ
10. Cristina Arakaki, Foz
11. Eliana Amadi, Jundiaí
12. Elizete S. dos Santos, RG Sul
13. Eucárdio Derrosso, POA
14. Evandro Maciel, Vitória
15. Gustavo Stein, Foz
16. Hegrisson Carreira Alves, Foz
17. Heraldo Pontes de Lima, SP
18. Iara Medeiros Suassuna, Natal
19. Ilse Genehr, Foz
20. Isabel Rogoski, Curitiba
21. Jana Libman, RJ
22. Joseuda Lopes, RJ
23. Juliano M. Taulugio, Apucarana
24. Lúcia Rogoski, Curitiba
25. Lucy Lutfi, Foz
26. Márcio Fortuna, Apucarana
27. Maria Abigail Fortuna, Apucarana
28. Maria Conceição Martim, SP
29. Maria do Socorro Mendes, RJ
30. Maria Inês Góes, BH
31. Maria Rita Quaglia, Foz
32. Marina Vinha, Campo Grande
33. Nilton Bonfanti, RG Sul
34. Paulo Roney A. Fagúndez, FL
35. Roberto Almeida, Foz
36. Rute Pinheiro, Natal
37. Sérgio Tavares Duarte, RJ
38. Terezinha Lunardi dos Santos, POA
39. Zênio Ventura, FL
2nd Symposium on Sinology & 7th Immersion in Cosmoethics, in China
Forbidden City
Temple of Heaven
Culture Street
Capital Museum
Wuhan University
Confucianism Research Center, Qufu
Museum of the Beijing
Academy of Arts
Qi Baishi's granddaughter
Lao She Tea House