3. Websites
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“3rd Yang Ming Festival and International Academic Seminar,”  Guiyang, September, 2005.
Special Guest Speaker representing South America, Brazil and Conscientiology, with over 5000
participants. Media coverage of the event: 5 of China’s major television channels (CCTV).
Guiyang, Guizhou
In the Media
The river that Confucius crossed
during one of his journeys.
Interview in Chinese with the largest TV station in the city as the first Brazilians to visit this historical location.
Xinzhou was a meeting point for
Chinese philosophers.
“Confucius River Street”
Visit to Xinzhou, a municipality of Wuhan, at
the invitation of the Mayor’s office during
lectures made at Wuhan University of
Science and Technology, Wuhan, in
December of 2005.
Wuhan, Hubei
2. Newspapers and Magazines
Luoyang, Henan
5th International Conference on Heluo Culture, organized by the Academy of Social Sciences of Henan province,
April 2006, Luoyang. Interview with the local television channel.
Newspaper of the Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Wuhan, December, 2005.
Changjiang Daily, Wuhan, December, 2005.
Deyang Daily, Deyang, August, 2006
China Daily, Beijing, September, 2006
Revista Macau, Macau, March, 2007
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SBAEC's participation in the 2008 in China, August, 2008.
ESPN TV channel, specialized in journalistic coverage of major international events, interviewed the directors of the Center on
the significance of the Olympic theme "One World, One Dream."
ESPN journalist João Castelo-Branco with Simone de La Tour
at the Confucius Temple in Beijing
The Chinese government launched the theme "One World,
One Dream," a slogan that proposes a harmonious society,
based upon concepts in ancient Chinese philosophy.
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  • Interview with China Renmin University Philosophy Department, 2009
TV Interview with China Radio International, February, 2010
"Chinese New Year Through the
Eyes of Chinese and Brazilians"
(in Portuguese)